Mentoring Sessions

The goal of the mentoring session is to facilitate formalized interactions between undergraduate and graduate students, on the one hand, and academics and industrial delegates, on the other, from around the world.

With this in mind, the mentoring co-chairs: Somali Chaterji​ ([email protected]; Purdue University) and Tadashi Okoshi​ ([email protected]; Keio University) invite applications to be able to best connect mentees with their interest-matched mentors.

Here is what we need from the mentees (1 page, 11 pt font for each item):

  • Writeup of career goals and research interests to be uploaded by each mentee prior to matchup using the link provided on the website (will be available soon).
  • Example project blurb(s) or example paper(s), maximum of 2 for each. If example papers are uploaded, then an additional blurb is not required. However, if project blurbs are uploaded, a maximum of two can be uploaded with a page budget of 1 page in total.
  • Preference of academic or industrial mentor [ACADEMIC or INDUSTRIAL or NO PREFERENCE]
  • Questionnaire post mentoring to evaluate quality and satisfaction will be provided on the website (will be available after the mentoring sessions)


  • Average of 2 mentees per mentor
  • Poolside discussions between mentor and mentees
  • Panel discussion with multiple mentors as panelists [new this year, updates will be posted on website in Fall]

Important Dates

Deadline for application 1st November, 2017

Mentoring Session Co-Chairs

Somali Chaterji

Somali Chaterji

Purdue University, USA

Tadashi Okoshi

Tadashi Okoshi

Keio University, Japan