Accepted Papers at NetHealth Workshop

  • Prevention of Avoidable Blindness and Improving the Eye Healthcare System in India

    Sharanya Rajan (Nayonika Eye Care Charitable Trust (NECT), Bangalore, India)

  • Comparative Study to determine the reliability and accuracy of the Fetal Lite electronic fetal monitor when compared with conventional cardiotocography

    Kishore Subramanian (Sattva MedTech Pvt. Ltd., India), Sumedh Kaulgud (Sattva MedTech Pvt. Ltd., India), Vibhav Joshi (Sattva MedTech Pvt. Ltd., India)

  • MoRe-care: Mobile-Assisted Remote Healthcare Service Delivery

    Safikureshi Mondal (Narula Institute of Technology, India), Nandini Mukherjee (Jadavpur University, India)

  • Use of portable EEG sensors to Detect Meditation

    Dilnashin Anwar (IIIT-Delhi, India), Prince Garg (IIIT-Delhi, India), Vinayak Naik (IIIT Delhi, India), Anubha Gupta (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi, India), Akshay Kumar (IIIT Delhi, India)

  • Review of an EHR model to facilitate Remote Patient Management in metabolic and lifestyle diseases

    Vivek Kadambi (Belle Sante Institute, India), Nilima Kadambi (Belle Sante Institute, India)

  • Technical Assessment of a Low Cost Multi-powered Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Device

    Nitesh Kumar Jangir (Coeo Labs, India), Basava Mukkundi (COEO LABS PVT LTD, India), Nachiket Deval (COEO LABS PVT LTD, India)

  • Opto-Electronic System for Intravenous Infusion Monitoring

    Sourabh Alagundagi (Indian Institute of Science, India), Krupakar Pasala (Indian Institute of Science, India), Manish Arora (Indian Institute of Science, India)

  • Leveraging Simulation for Usability Engineering of Medical Devices

    Pradyumna M (B M S College of Engineering, India), Amrutha Raja (B M S College of Engineering, India), Meghana A (B M S College of Engineering, India)

  • Leveraging Virtual Testing for Safer Medical Device Development

    Adaikkammai S (B M S College of Engineering, India), Evangeline Smita (B M S College of Engineering, India), Appaji M Abhishek (B M S College of Engineering, India)