Accepted Papers at WACI Workshop

  • SafeStreet: An automated road anomaly detection and early-warning system using mobile crowdsensing

    Vikrant Singh (IIT Bombay, India), Deepthi Chander (IIT Bombay, India), Umang Chhaparia (IIT Bombay, India), Bhaskaran Raman (IIT Bombay, India)

  • Scalable Measurement of Air Pollution using COTS IoT Devices

    Varun Jain (IIIT Delhi, India), Mansi Goel (IIIT Delhi, India), Mukulika Maity (IIIT Delhi, India), Vinayak Naik (IIIT Delhi, India), Ramachandran Ramjee (Microsoft Research, India)

  • Can We Recognize Multiple Human Group Activities using Ultrasonic Sensors?

    Arindam Ghosh (B.C. Roy Engineering College, India), Dhruv Chakraborty (B.C. Roy Engineering College, India), Deepak Prasad (B.C. Roy Engineering College, India), Mousumi Saha (NIT Durgapur, India), Sujoy Saha (NIT Durgapur, India)

  • The Applicability of Blockchain in the Internet of Things

    Yash Gupta (IIT Delhi, India), Rajeev Shorey (TCS R&I, India), Devadatta Kulkarni (TCS R&I, USA), Jeffrey Tew (TCS R&I, USA)

  • Managing Large-Scale Transient Data in IoT Systems

    Nanjangud Narendra (Ericsson Research, India), Sambit Nayak (Ericsson Research, India), Anshu Shukla (Ericsson Research, India)

  • Implementation of Relay Hopper Model for Reliable Communication of IoT Devices in LTE Environment through D2D Link

    Anish Pradhan (NIT Durgapur, India), Soumi Basu (NIT Durgapur, India), Sreetama Sarkar (NIT Durgapur, India), Saptarshi Mitra (NIT Durgapur, India), Sanjay Dhar Roy (NIT Durgapur, India)

  • Co-iOAM: In-situ Telemetry Metadata Transport for Resource Constrained Networks within IETF Standards Framework

    Rashmi Ballamajalu (IISc Bangalore, India), Anand S. V. R. (IISc Bangalore, India), Malati Hegde (IISc Bangalore, India)