Inaugural Speaker

Amit Phadnis , VP, Enterprise Networking Group
CISCO, India

Title of the talk: "The Internet of Things"


When the Internet emerged more than two decades ago, it changed everything. But the Internet of Everything makes that pale in comparison. After two decades of networking and communication, 99% of things are still not networked. The Internet of Everything will disrupt several industries. That means new opportunities, businesses, experiences, and services. And big opportunities for people, companies, and countries.

The Internet of Everything demands an intelligent network - a distributed, application-centric networking, computing and storage platform that connects things together, connects things to the Network and connects people and things to the cloud in ways that just weren't possible, or even imaginable, before.

Talk on 7th January at 7:00 PM sharp.

Short Bio of Amit Phadnis

Amit Phadnis is the Vice President of the Enterprise Networking Group with Cisco Systems in India. In this role Amit leads the strategy, engineering, and business direction of Cisco's networking technology for the enterprise segment in India and South East Asia. This includes the Cisco Catalyst families of switches; enterprise routing; wireless networking; and solutions for all industry segments of the enterprise, industrial automation, small business, and emerging markets.

Amit has made significant contributions to switching and routing technologies. A technical leader with over 22 years of experience, he has grown in pace with Cisco in India. Currently, he has 25 patent applications filed with US PTO, of which over 20 of them have been already issued.

Amit was one of the first managers to join Cisco when it started operations in India circa 1999. Over the years, he has worked towards building world class teams in India. Today he leads over 1500 engineers directly and has been leading the site strategy for India with the India Engineering Board, contributing to a number of Engineering-wide initiatives on the talent and technology innovation fronts. Amit has also been driving the Capability Building Program, designed for developing site capability across India, with active participation from the Distinguished and Principal Engineer community across Cisco.

Before joining Cisco, Amit was the country manager and vice president of engineering at Symbol- Motorola. In his role with Symbol, Amit was involved in building a strong product organisation as a country manager. He contributed to technologies related to handheld computing, wireless and RFID. Amit has a Masters degree in electronics and communication from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. As a speaker, Amit has shared his views on technology in the areas of Supply Logistics, Asset Visibility, and Technology in Retail, among others.