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Bengaluru (Bangalore) Airport
At the Bengaluru International Airport, your convenience is a matter of priority. To ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience at the airport, the authorities have put together a host of services and essential facilities. These are located across the two floors of our airport. Please use the maps provided below to locate the facility or service you may wish to use. You can also approach the friendly staff at the airport for more help.

Arrival at Bengaluru (Bangalore) Airport
Domestic & International Arrivals: Procedures and Services:

At Bengaluru International Airport, access to Baggage Claim is either through the bus gates or aerobridges. The claim area is on the ground floor of the Terminal Building. Bus gate passengers reach the area directly whereas passengers using the aerobridge arrival will come from the first floor to the ground floor. At the Baggage Claim area, an airport staff member will be there to assist you.

(Bus gate means those being carried from the aircraft to the arrival lounge by bus provided by the airlines.)

The arrival lounge has dedicated conveyor belts to serve domestic and international passengers. A Flight Information Display System (TV Screen) will assist and guide you with coordinated information on respective flight and belt details.

Once you claim your baggage, please proceed to the designated Arrival Gates which leads you to the Arrival Hall. For further assistance, please contact our designated Information Desk, where staff are available for round-the-clock service.

We advise you to read the time taken for Baggage Claim at Bengaluru International Airport. (The approximate time for baggage arrival is anywhere from 7 – 45 minutes. Time indicated below includes the entire process from disembarking the aircraft to reaching transport points).

  • Aircraft to Terminal: 12 minutes
  • Terminal to Baggage Belt: 5 minutes
  • Baggage Belt to Exit: 2 minutes
  • Exit to Transport Points: 2 minutes

International Passengers please note that:

  • On arriving at Bengaluru International Airport, you must fill in your respective immigration form.
  • You must carry relevant vaccination certificates, if any.


Immigration process at Bengaluru International Airport

All arriving passengers are to first report to one of the 18 Immigration Counters, which aid you in completing formalities as per requirement. The approximate time taken for Immigration check is about 7 minutes.

Customs rules and regulations

  • Only one (1) laptop is allowed per passenger.
  • Each passenger can carry upto 2 litres of liquor/ alcohol.
  • Each passenger can carry electronic goods valued at less than Rs.25,000.

Remaining rules and procedures are governed as laid by the customs authorities.