Comsnets 2013 - Technical Program

[ Sessions: 8 January, 2013 | Sessions: 9 January, 2013 | Sessions: 10 January, 2013 ]

Session T4: Mobility and Network Management
Sigma Hall A, January 9 (10:30 am - 1:00 pm)
Chair: Ramesh Sitaraman (University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Akamai Technologies Inc., USA)

Invited Talk by Thomas Plagemann
Extending Network Simulators with Communication Software Execution Models

Stein Kristiansen, Thomas Plagemann, and Vera Goebel (University of Oslo, Norway)
(10:30 am - 11:00 am)

A Publish-Subscribe Based Framework for Event Notification in Vehicular Environments
Joy Chandra Mukherjee and Arobinda Gupta (IIT Kharagpur, India)

Analyzing the Performance of Epidemic Broadcasting in DTNs using Directional Antenna
Rajib Ranjan Maiti, Niloy Ganguly, and Arobinda Gupta (IIT Kharagpur, India)

A Transmission Scheme for Robust Delivery of Urgent/Critical Data in Internet of Things
Hrishikesh Sharma and Balamuralidhar P. (Innovation Labs, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Bangalore, India)

A Resource Efficient Common Protection Path Approach for MPLS-based Recovery
Seema Anand Ladhe and Vijay T. Raisinghani (School of Engineering, NMIMS University, Mumbai, India)

An Ad-hoc Distributed Execution Environment for Multi-Agent Systems
Subhajit Sidhanta and Supratik Mukhopadhyay (Louisiana State University, USA)

Group Communication for Event Dissemination in Dynamic Distributed Networks
Kaliappa Ravindran and Mohammad Rabby (City University of New York, USA), and Joseph Macker and Brian Adamson (US Naval Research Laboratory, USA)

Session T5: Cooperative and Opportunistic Communications
Sigma Hall B, January 9 (10:30 am - 1:00 pm)
Chair: Ravi Kokku (IBM Research, India)

Invited Talk by Fernando Kuipers
Understanding and Recommending Play Relationships in Online Social Gaming

Ruud van de Bovenkamp, Siqi Shen, Alexandru Iosup, and Fernando Kuipers (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
(10:30 am - 11:00 am)

On Interference Management based on Subframe Blanking in Heterogeneous LTE Networks
S. Naga Sekhar Kshatriya, Sunil Kaimalettu, Sivakishore Reddy Yerrapareddy, Klutto Milleth, and Nadeem Akhtar (Centre of Excellence in Wireless Technology (CEWiT), India)

Co-operative scheduling for balancing throughput gains and fairness in cell-edge enhancement schemes for wireless networks
SendilRamKumar Devar (IIT Madras, India) and Satish Kanugovi and Subramanian Vasudevan (Alcatel-Lucent, India)

Token-DCF: An Opportunistic MAC protocol for Wireless Networks
Ghazale Hosseinabadi and Nitin Vaidya (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)

Adaptive Modulation for Finite Horizon Multicasting of Erasure-coded Data
Gek Hong Sim (Institute IMDEA Networks & University Carlos III, Spain), Balaji Rengarajan, Joerg Widmer(Institute IMDEA Networks, Spain)

CRP: Cluster Head Re-election Protocol for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
Ravi Tandon and Sukumar Nandi (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India)

Peer to Peer Communications Among Mobile Ground Units in Ad-hoc Environment
Nirmala Shenoy (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)

Session T6: Networked Applications
Sigma Hall, January 9 (2 pm - 3:30 pm)
Chair: Fernando Kuipers (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)

Invited Talk by Ramesh Sitaraman
Network Performance: Does It Really Matter to Users and by How Much?

Ramesh K. Sitaraman (University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Akamai Technologies Inc., USA)
(2:00 pm - 2:30 pm)

Importance-aware Bloom Filter for Managing Set Membership Queries on Streaming Data
Ravi Bhoraskar, Vijay Gabale, and Purushottam Kulkarni (IIT Bombay, India) and Dhananjay Kulkarni (APIIT, Sri Lanka)

Bulk content delivery using co-operating end-nodes with upload/download limits
Sharad Jaiswal, Anirban Majumder, KVM Naidu and Nisheeth Shrivastava (Bell Labs, India)

Facilitating Multicast in VoD systems by Content Pre-placement and Multistage Batching
Chamil Jayasundara (National ICT Australia, The University of Melbourne, Australia) and Vijay Gopalakrishnan (AT&T Labs - Research, USA)