Research Cafe

Senior Leaders from CISCO and TCS will address all student delegates.

Research Cafe Date: January 3, 2018

Time: 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM

Venue: Indian Affair

Johnson Plathottam Jose

Director - IT
CISCO Engineering and Supply Chain

Johnson Jose is Director with worldwide IT responsibility for Cisco engineering and Supply chain . Johnson is Cisco veteran with 17 years of Cisco experience and 20 years of Industry experience . Johnson’s global team handle Cisco’s 22 Billion worth of software delivery platform and enable Cisco supply chain worldwide which handle more than 10 Billion worth of transactions every quarter.

Johnson is part of Cisco’s University relationship council and leads Cisco university brand protection team . He is an executive Coach and Alumina of HASS School of Business UC Berkeley.

Srikanth Narasimhan

Distinguished IT Engineer
Cisco Systems

Srikanth Narasimhan is a Distinguished Engineer in Cloud and Networking Services Group at Cisco Systems. He has 29 years of industry experience with significant expertise in Private and Hybrid Cloud, Enterprise architecture, system architecture and enterprise-scale business solutions spanning telecom, banking, financial services and high tech industries. In his previous role, Srikanth was the Chief Architect for Cisco Finance and Cisco Capital services and the Regional Architect for APJC IT.Prior to joining Cisco Systems in 2000, Srikanth was Vice President of Engineering for eCredit. Inc., Massachusetts.Srikanth has represented Cisco at The Open Group Architecture Forum for several years. A frequent speaker and panelist at the Architecture Practitioner Conferences around the world and in Cisco Live, he has published papers and thought leadership essays at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute. Srikanth has contributed to books on Enterprise Integration Patterns.

Amit Saha

Senior Technical Leader
Cisco Systems

Amit Saha is a Senior Technical Leader in the office of the cloud CTO at Cisco Systems. He has had extensive experience in the field of computer networking, both wired and wireless. He focuses on automatic, system-wide verification and visualization of large scale distributed systems, with a special emphasis on networking. Prior to Cisco, Amit spent almost 6 years at Juniper Networks, where he was one of the earliest members building the QFabric product, a massively distributed data center switch with 6000 ports and more than a 100 constituent elements. He co-developed a Python application that can automatically validate system states, detect faults and anomalies in system comprising of 100s of elements. He also developed a Virtual Chassis Visualizer that automatically visualizes the physical connectivity of a virtual chassis system. He has an MS and a PhD in Computer Science from Rice University, Houston, USA.

Jeffrey Tew

Chief Scientist
TCS Innovation Labs, USA

Jeffrey D. Tew is the Chief Scientist for the TCS Innovation Lab in Cincinnati, OH whose focus is leading and developing TCS’s Supply Chain Research and Innovation activities globally.

Dr. Tew is an internationally known professional consultant, industrial researcher, and subject matter expert in Transportation and Supply Chain Management (SCM), global logistics, Green Supply Chain design (e.g., low energy and low environmental impact) and execution, and service parts management with over 25 years experience in industrial research in such areas as Transportation and Supply Chain Management, business development, operations management, technology implementation, and corporate strategy.