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09:00 – 09:15 Opening Remarks by Conference Chairs
09:15 – 10:15 “I Wish…” Session

In this session, we have invited medical and health professionals from diverse areas, and share their technology  wish list with the participants. The purpose is to start a dialogue between health experts and engineers.

 1. Dr.  Pretesh Kiran, St. Johns Medical

 2. Soura Bhattacharya, Glocal Healthcare

 3. Dr. Ravi Nayar: HCG

10:15 – 11:30 Demos (partial list, more demos to be posted soon)

1. Title: Integrated Health Information Systems in Practice

  1. Amarjeet Singh, Apurv Mehra (IIIT Delhi),
  2. Sundeep Sahay (HISP India)

2. Title: Asthma Management System: A Platform for Measurement of Inhaler Usage, Lung Function and Location based Outdoor Air Quality
Authors :

  1. Rajoshi Biswas (Rice University), Gaurav
  2. Patel (Rice University) and Ashutosh
  3. Sabharwal (Rice University)

3. Title: Smart-phone based Real-time Single-lead ECG Arrhythmia Classification


  1. Anshuman Pradhan
  2. Vaishakh Nair
  3. Vinod Pathangay
  4. Satish Prasad Rath

(all authors from Wipro Technologies)

4. Title: CardioWatch: An Initiative Towards Affordable Preventive Cardiovascular Healthcare


  1. Sujay Deb (IIIT Delhi)
  2. Niranjan Kumar (IIIT Delhi)
  3. Rahul Gupta (IIIT Delhi)
  4. Manoj Gulati (IIIT Delhi)

5. Title: Remote Neonatal Monitoring System


  1. Hiteshwar Rao(1)
  2. Dhruv Rai Saxena(1)
  3. Saurabh Kumar(2)
  4. Sagar G. V.(1)
  5. Bharadwaj Amrutur(1)
  6. Prem Mony(3)
  7. Prashanth Thankcan(3)
  8. Kiruba Shankar(3)
  9. Suman Rao(4)
  10. Swarna Rekha Bhat(4)

(1) Robert Bosch Center for Cyber-Physical Systems, IISc

(2) Instrumentation and Applied Physics Department, IISc

(3) St. Johns Research Institute, Bangalore

(4) St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore

6. Title: CyPhyS+

  1. CyPhyS Team, IISc Bangalore
11:30 – 11:45 Break-1 and Networking
11:45 – 12:15 Research Paper 1

Title: Assessing blood-pressure measurement in tablet-based mHealth apps

Authors: Rima Murthy (Dartmouth College) and David Kotz (Dartmouth College)

12:15 – 12:45 Research Paper 2

Title: Doctor on DVD: Virtual Health Consultation Using Interactive DVDs

Authors: Aditya Vashistha (University of Washington)

12:45 – 13:15 Invited Talk 1

Title: TBA

Speaker: Satish Rath, Wipro


13:15 – 14:30 Lunch
14:30 – 15:15

Research Paper 3

Title: NFC Based Secure Mobile Healthcare System

Authors: Divyashikha Sethia (Delhi Tech Univ), Daya Gupta (Delhi Tech Univ),

Tanuj Mittal (Delhi Tech Univ), Ujjwal Arora (Delhi Tech Univ) and Huzur Saran (IIT Delhi)

15:15 – 15:45

Invited Talk 2

Title: Integrated Health Information Systems in Practice

Speaker: Amarjeet Singh(IIIT Delhi), Apurv Mehra (IIIT Delhi), Sundeep Sahay (HISP India)

16:00 – 16:15 Tea break – 2 and Networking
16:15 – 16:45

Invited Talk 3

Title: Experiences with Telemedicine in India

Speaker: Sameer Sawarkar, Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd.

16:45 – 17:00 Closing Remarks

There is a clear consensus that our current healthcare models are not well suited for our future generations, in that they cannot be scaled up in a cost-effective manner for the growing healthcare needs. The key questions facing us are

  1. What are the key challenges to address
  2. What answers exist today
  3. What new answers need to be invented

NetHealth 2014 will adopt a new model to promote directly answering the above three questions, by bringing together leaders from both medical and engineering communities. The aim of the one-day workshop is to promote a deeper dialogue leading to actual collaborations. If you are serious about being part of the solution to one of the biggest challenges facing the mankind in this century, we invite you to participate in NetHealth. NetHealth 2014 will have a three-part agenda

(i) leaders from different areas laying out open challenges,
(ii) demos to lay out the land of new and novel ideas which have already taken shape, and
(iii) research papers which are inventing answers for the future.

We invite research papers, research demos, product presentations and position papers that present novel ideas for networked computing technology in support of healthcare, and which are likely to invoke thoughtful discussion at the workshop. Both academia and corporate contributions are highly welcome and encouraged. Of interest, though not exclusively, are the following topics:

  1. Remote diagnosis and remote consultation
  2. Assistive medical technology
  3. Clinical applications of mobile or networked healthcare
  4. Mobile and wearable medical sensing applications
  5. Design of wearable and home-care health devices
  6. Sensor networks for public health monitoring and surveillance
  7. Networked mobile technology for rural healthcare
  8. Security and privacy in networked healthcare
  9. Experience from technology deployments
  10. Usability of mobile health applications and devices
  11. Applications to emergency response and disaster response
  12. Cost-efficient and energy-efficient networking for remote healthcare
  13. Remote access to electronic health records
  14. Assistive robotics and prosthetics
  15. Rehabilitation engineering and assistive rehabilitative technology
  16. Smart homes for tele-home healthcare and telemedicine

Formatting Guidelines for Submitted Papers

The NetHealth workshop solicits paper submissions of up to 6 pages in length, including all figures, tables, and references. All papers must be electronically submitted via the NetHealth submission site on EDAS (Submit Papers to “NetHealth Workshop 2014 – Papers Only”) in PDF. The proceedings will be published by IEEE Xplore and will include the final papers of up to 6 pages in length. All NetHealth technical papers must be associated with an author registration at the full rate. For authors presenting multiple papers, one full registration is valid for up to three papers. IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the workshop (e.g., removal from IEEE  Xplore) if the paper is not presented at the workshop.

Overall appearance: Submitted papers should adhere to the appearance of the standard IEEE twocolumn format that is used for IEEE Transactions.

Margins: Papers must use a 10pt font on US Letter paper with margins no smaller than 0.75in for the top margin, 1.0in for the bottom margin, and 0.625in for side margins.

Templates: Depending on whether you are using LaTeX or Microsoft Word for formatting your paper, you can download the relevant templates that incorporate the formatting specifications at

Demo Session

In addition, NetHealth 2014 will feature a demo session on the day of the workshop to allow industry and academic researchers to showcase their latest applications and prototypes in all related topics. Demo proposals are invited for both mature or innovative systems and prototypes developed for commercial use or for research purposes, from industries or universities. The submitted demo proposal should include all relevant technical content in a maximum of 2 pages in double column format. The demo proposals can be submitted on EDAS (“NetHealth Workshop 2014 – Demos Only”) or simply emailed to Ashu Sabharwal ([email protected]).

Each paper acceptance is subject to the conditions that the paper does not contain any plagiarized material and that the authors do not submit the paper material in parallel to another publication venue. Violations of these conditions will most likely result in rejections of the violating submissions or even already accepted papers.


Paper Submission: October 20, 2013

Notification of Acceptance: November 19, 2013

Camera-ready Submission: December 2, 2013

Demo Submission: December 7, 2013

Workshop Date: January 10, 2014


  1. Ashutosh Sabharwal, Rice University
  2. Bharadwaj Amrutur, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

TPC Members

  1. David Kotz, Dartmouth College
  2. Vinayak Naik, IIIT Delhi
  3. Pavan Turaga, Arizona State University
  4. Bulent Yener, RPI
  5. Zainul Charbiwala, IBM India
  6. Gaurav Patel, Rice University


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