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The COMSNETS 2014 Poster Session is a forum to showcase new and exciting ideas in the fields of networking and communications. We believe this will be a great opportunity to get feedback on the ideas and improve on existing work. We would like to invite prospective presenters to submit a 2 to 4 page abstract towards this. The abstract may include figures, tables, or graphs. The final presentation will be in poster form, and will be held in the afternoon on 9th Jan 2014 (tentatively). Selected student presenters will be considered for travel grants for the conference and the abstracts will be part of the conference proceedings.

Important Dates

Submission deadline:   November 10, 2013 (Extended)
Notification Date:   November 22, 2013
Camera Ready Submission:          November 26, 2013

The topics of interest for this forum are the same as for the main COMSNETS 2014 conference.

  1. Application of information theory to networks
  2. Broadband and cellular networks
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Cognitive radio and white-space networking
  5. Cooperative communications
  6. Cross-layer optimization of wireless systems
  7. Economics of networks and systems
  8. Energy-efficient communications & networking
  9. Enterprise, data center, and storage-area networks
  10. Internet architecture and protocols, Internet science and emergent behavior
  11. Machine learning for network applications
  12. Mobility and location management
  13. Wireless communication theory, systems, and networks
  14. Network coding
  15. Network management and operations
  16. Network security and privacy
  17. Networked applications
  18. Online social networks
  19. Optical networks
  20. Overlay communications, content distribution
  21. Social networks
  22. Sensor and ad-hoc networks and cyber-physical systems
  23. Systems and networks for smarter energy and sustainability
  24. Traffic analysis and engineering
  25. Vehicular communications
  26. Video distribution


Abstract: The abstract can be submitted in Word or PDF format (with the same template as of papers) to [email protected]

Call for posters submission [Pdf Link]

Technical Program Committee

  1. Dileep A. D. ,  IIT Mandi, India
  2. Adrish  Banerjee, IIT Kanput, India
  3. Joy     Kuri, Indian Institute of Science, India
  4. Han-Shin Joo, Hanbat National University, Korea
  5. Andrew  Thangaraj, IIT Madras, India
  6. Arun Ayyar, IIT Madras, India
  7. Arun Kannu, IIT Madras, India
  8. Bhaskaran Raman, IIT  Bombay, India
  9. Harpreet  Dhillon, USC postdoc
  10. KV Srinivas, NSN
  11. Mythili, IITB
  12. Ravi Kokku, IBM Research, India
  13. Samar Agnihotri, IIT Mandi, India
  14. Srikrishna Bhashyam,  IIT Madras, India
  15. Suryakanth V Gangashetty, IIIT, Hyderabad
  16. Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma, IIT, Hyderabad
  17. UmaMaheswari Devi, IBM, India
  18. Vinay Kolar, IBM Research, India
  19. Vijay Gabale, IBM Research, India
  20. Ketan Rajawat, IIT Kanpur, India
  21. Mayutan Arumaithurai, University of Gottingen, Germany
  22. Krishna Jaganathan, IIT Madras, India
  23. Srihari Nelakuditi, University of South Carolina, USA
  24. Vinay Ribeiro, IIT Delhi, India


Paper Title


Author Names

Heterogeneous Link Prediction Based on Multi Relational Community Information

T. Jaya Lakshmi, S. Durga Bhavani


Improved QRD-M Algorithm Based on Adaptive Threshold for MIMO Systems

Hyeongyong Lim, Yeonsoo Jang, Taijun Li, and Dongweon Yoon


Scalable Netflow Monitoring in Data Center Networks

Chaitanya Balantrapu, Anupama Potluri, Nirmoy Das


Reducing Power Consumption in Graphic Intensive Android Applications

Amit Singhai, Joy Bose


Oftables: A Distributed Packet Filter

Marc Koerner, Odej Kao


HTTP Switching for B4G/5G Mobile Networks

Hee Jung Kim, Sungwon Lee


Decongestion and Vector Difference based Wavelength Routing and Assignment schemes in DWDM networks

Anurag Prakash, Devi Chadha


Implementation of ECC with Hidden Generator Point in Wireless Sensor Networks

Ravi Kishore Kodali


M-HRP for Wireless Mesh Networks and its Performance Evaluation

Amrita Bose Paul, Shantanu Konwar, Santosh Biswas, Sukumar Nandi


The Cloudlet with a Silver Lining

Sainath Kommineni, Aneesh De, Sashank Alladi and Shanti Chilukuri


Heuristics for Migration with Consolidation of Ensembles of Virtual Machines

Geetha Sowjanya Akula, Anupama Potluri


Content Centric Information Crowdsourcing and Dissemination for Better Public Transportation

Nikhil Patil, Vivek Paharia, Bhaskaran Raman, K. K. Ramakrishnan


Quorum Sensing for Regenerating Codes in Distributed Storage

Mit Sheth, Krishna Gopal Benerjee, Manish K. Gupta


Optimal Load Balancing in Cloud Computing By Efficient Utilization of Virtual Machines

Shridhar G.Domanal, G. Ram Mohana Reddy


Estimation of Scalable Video Adaptation Parameters for Media Aware Network Elements

Ramakrishna M, Karunakar A. K


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