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Mobile India 2015

Mobile India 2015 - COMSNETS 2015

Workshop Date: Friday, January 9, 2015

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Mobile India 2015 is one of the first premier conferences and will be the curtain raiser for the Wireless Broadband revolution in the country. It is associated with The Seventh International Conference on COMmunication Systems NETworkS (COMSNETS), the world's premier international conference on networking and communications technology innovation.

Theme: wireless broadband: challenges and opportunities

India is in the cusp of another revolution - Telecom 2.0. Having reached a mobile subscriber base of more than 950 million, the next step for India is to leverage the power of wireless broadband. 3G networks in the country are evolving towards a state of maturity and 4G networks are almost here. Regulation has moved forward with notable achievements in the areas of spectrum liberalization, unified licensing, spectrum trading and sharing, liberalized mergers & acquisition norms. However, making Telecom 2.0 a reality requires active participation and commitment from various stakeholders in the value chain: network equipment makers, handset vendors, content providers, mobile operators, Internet Service Providers, regulators and policy makers, system integrators, and software developers.

Mobile India 2015 will explore opportunities and challenges that wireless broadband offers in the following four sessions with all stakeholders in the ecosystem:

Session 1: State of the Net: Challenges and opportunities for Telcos
Click here for an article on the topic by Prof. V. Sridhar in YOURSTORY

Though Indian telcos are uniquely positioned to address the second largest mobile market in the world, they are constrained by (i) limited spectrum, (ii) intense competition and consequent price wars, and (iii) unpredictable demand for network capacity and services.

How are they coping?

Session 2: Domesticity: Handsets, applications, equipment, and software
Click here for an article on the topic by Prof. V. Sridhar and Prof. T.K. Srikanth in YOURSTORY

For the first time, domestic handset vendors have replaced multinationals in top slots. With projects such as Google One on its way, it is only to be expected that 2015 will be the "year of Smartphones", thus paving way for rich services to be "massively" available. The "app economy" has caught on with numerous start-ups blossoming in various parts of the country each hoping to leverage the ubiquitous connectivity and the exponential adoption of Smartphones and Tablets.

What is the future in this sphere?

Session 3: U-Governance: Ubiquitous Government services through mobiles
Click here for an article on the topic by Prof. Amit Prakash in YOURSTORY

The Central and various State Governments have committed to leveraging wireless broadband for providing e-Governance services. Suitable architecture and service delivery models are being established.

Will the Telecom 2.0 make "Digital India"? Or will it Digital India drive the wireless broadband revolution?

Session 4: Regulation and Policy: Power of OTTs vs. telcos
Click here for an article on the topic by Prof. D. Manjunath and Prof. V. Sridhar in YOURSTORY

While India is yet to wake up on "Net Neutrality" issues, the global as well as local Over The Top (OTT) players are disrupting the traditional telco models and services. Power of OTTs are being felt in the once Telco dominated marketplace.

What kind of Telco-OTT interface will emerge?

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Keynote Address: Why Your Smartphone May Know More About You Than You Might Guess

Dr. Venkat Padmanabhan, Principal Researcher and Research Manager, Microsoft Research India


Tea Break-1 and Networking


Session 1: State of the Net: Challenges and Opportunities for Telcos.


S.J.S. Selvinson, VP and CTO, Bharti Airtel, Karnataka
Yathish Nagavalli, CTO, Huawei Technologies India
Jayant Moghe, Practice Head - Mobile Broadband, Ericsson India Limited
Dipak Vagadiya, National Manager, SDN and Data Center Networking at Hewlett-Packard India
Rajesh Chharia, President, Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI)
Swami Krishnan (Moderator), VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Sasken Communication Technologies

12:00 -13:30

Session 2: Domesticity: Handsets, applications, equipment, and software



Jayanth Mysore, Product Manager, Google
Shirish Purohit, Head - Sales and Marketing Support, Tejas Networks
George Mathews, Founder Director, Icarus Design Services and Icarus Nova
Arvind Pani, CEO, Reverie Technologies
Dr. T.K. Srikanth (Moderator), Professor, IIIT-Bangalore


Lunch and Networking


Keynote Address: Sascha Meinrath, Director, X-Lab and Founder, Open Technology Institute, USA


Session 3: U-Governance: Ubiquitous Government services through mobiles


Dr. Pramod Varma, Chief Architect, Aadhaar
Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO, Namma Bengaluru Foundation
Abhijit Gupta, Co-Founder & Director, Praxify
Dr. Amit Prakash, Professor, IIIT-Bangalore


Tea Break-2 and Networking



Session 4: Regulation and Policy: Power of OTTs vs. telcos


Rajkumar Upadhyay, ex-Adviser, TRAI & Director, DoT      
Amod Dadhich, Head-Business Development, Mahindra Comviva
Dr. G. Venkatesh, Chief Strategy Officer, Sasken Communication Technologies
Dr. D. Manjunath (Moderator), Professor, IIIT-Bangalore


Closing Remarks by Co-Chairs

Dr. V. Sridhar, Professor, IIIT-Bangalore
Dr. D. Manjunath, Professor, IIT-Bombay

Workshop Co-Chairs

V. Sridhar

IIIT Bangalore, India

[email protected]

D. Manjunath

IIT Bombay, India

[email protected]