Accepted Papers at ITS Workshop

  • Analysis of the Tau Concept used in Aircraft Collision Avoidance through Kinematic Simulations

    Sushrut Vaidya and Taha Khot (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India)

  • A Weight­Based Map Matching Algorithm using Minimum Input Variables for Urban Road Networks

    Souvik Maity and Soumik Dalal Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, India); Sayan Ranu and Lelitha Vanajakshi (IIT Madras, India)

  • Inter and Intra Frame Flow Correspondance forReal­time Vehicle Detection for Driver Assit

    Ruppin Kumar Krishna Kumar, Apurba Das, Sharfudheen PV and Palak Dave (Tata Consultancy Services, India)

  • Road Boundary Detection In Low Light Using Mono Camera Based Spatio-Temporal Gradient Correspondence

    Deepshikhar Tyagi, Sameer Farkade and Upendra Suddamalla (Tata Consultancy Services, India)

  • Simulation Framework for Modeling Bidirectional Mixed Traffic

    Punith B. Kotagi and Gowri Asaithambi (National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal, India)

  • Decision Recommendation System for Transporters in an Online Freight Exchange Platform

    Prabir Mallick, Sudeshna Sarkar, Pabitra Mitra (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India)

  • A Fair and Effective Driver Rating System for Developing Regions

    Munshi Alam, MYA (NIT Durgapur, India)