Banquet Speaker

Harrick Vin

Global Head, Digitate
Vice President at Tata Consultancy Services

6th Jan 2017

We live in interesting times. We are entering an era of hyper-instrumentation (because of IoT, mobile phones, social collaboration platforms, among others), and software-defined everything. The combination is leading to the design of cognitive systems, which can offer real-time, adaptive, intelligent and personalized experiences. In this talk, we will discuss these trends, opportunities they pose, as well as the challenges in realizing the potential.

Dr. Harrick Vin is Global Head, Digitate and Vice President & Chief Scientist at Tata Consultancy Services. Dr. Vin has been with TCS for almost 12 years . His research interests are High Speed Networks, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, etc. and leads Tata Research Development and Design Centre, Pune. Dr. Vin holds degrees in computer science from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, and University of California.


135, Residency Road,
Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560025, India