Accepted Papers at NetHealth Workshop

  • Group Authorization using Threshold Signatures for Medical Procedures

    Preeti Nagar and Divyashikha Sethia, Delhi Technological University, Delhi

  • Secured Workflow for Rural Health Net

    Tapalina Bhattasali; Nabendu Chaki; Rituparna Chaki (University of Calcutta); Khalid Saeed (Bialystok University of Technology)

  • Development and Testing of Portable Fluorescence Reader (PorFloR™)

    Vivek Borse; Abhaysinha Patil and Rohit Srivastava, IIT Bombay, India

  • Understanding the Use of Leap Motion Touchless Device in Physiotherapy and Improving the Healthcare System in India

    Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan, City University of London and Sharanya Rajan, MVJ Medical College and Research

  • Detecting Meditation using a Dry Mono-Electrode EEG Sensor

    Dilnashin Anwar and Vinayak Naik, IIIT Delhi

  • Securing a Body Sensor Network

    Priti Kumari and Tricha Anjali, IIIT Bangalore

  • Temperature Sensor Based Ultra Low Cost Respiration Monitoring System

    Anshul Basra, NIT Hamirpur and Subrat Kar and Bodhibrata Mukhopadhyay IIT Delhi

  • Building a Web Based Cognitive Restructuring Program for Promoting Resilience in a College Campus

    Romil Roy; Rajlakshmi Guha; Sangeeta Das Bhattacharya; Jayanta Mukhopadhyay; IIT Kharagpur

  • A Framework for ICT-based Primary Healthcare Delivery for Children

    Safikureshi Mondal, Narula Institute of technology and Nandini Mukherjee, Jadavpur University