COMSNETS 2019 will be held from 7 to 12 January 2019 at the Chancery Pavilion Hotel, Bangalore, India. Please be on the lookout for the new home page by the middle of February 2018. See you at COMSNETS 2019 !

Accepted proposals for the ASSET 2018

1) "Channel-aware Link Layer Protocol for Energy-Efficient Communication"
Priyadarshi Mukherjee and Swades De (IIT Delhi)[PDF]

2) "Selective Data Transmission Scheme for Wide Area Smart Grid Communication Network"
Sharda Tripathi and Swades De (IIT Delhi)[PDF]

3) "Troubleshooting WiFi in Dense Scenarios"
Muhammad Inamullah and Bhaskaran Raman (Department of CSE, IIT Bombay)[PDF]

4) "Changes in Driving Behavior Possibly Hidden in Stress"
Rahat Jahangir Rony, MD Tanvir Mushfique, Nova Ahmed, and Saad Azmeen-ur-Rahman (North South University)[PDF]

5) "Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Coexisting WBANs"
Emy Mariam George and Lillykutty Jacob (National Institute of Technology (NIT), Calicut, Kerala, India)[PDF]

6) "Distributed Resource Allocation for Underlay Device-to-Device Communications in 5G Cellular Networks"
Susan Dominic and Dr. Lillykutty Jacob (National institute of technology Calicut)[PDF]

7) "The Effect of Introducing Redundancy in a Probabilistic Forwarding Protocol"
Vinay Kumar B R and Navin Kashyap (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India)[PDF]

8) "Modeling and Performance Analysis of Differential feedback in OFDM Cellular Systems"
Vineeth Kumar and Neelesh B Mehta (Indian Institute of Science Bangalore)[PDF]

9) "Revisiting the Effectiveness of Energy-Conserving Techniques in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks"
Sayan Sen Gupta and Neelesh B. Mehta (Indian Institute of Science)[PDF]

10) "Resource Allocation for Underlay D2D with Partial Channel State Information"
Bala Venkata Ramulu Gorantla and Neelesh B.Mehta (Indian Institute of Science)[PDF]

11) "Analyzing Controllable Energy Consuming Factors of AR Head-Mounted Display"
Jaewon Choi and JeongGil Ko (Ajou University, South Korea)[PDF]

12) "Bengali Communicative Android App for Autism Personnel"
Ifti Azad Abeer, Anik Sinha, Anik Saha, and Nova Ahmed (North South University)[PDF]

13) "A Novel Sustainable Cloud Federation"
Anurag Satpathy (Department of CSE, NIT Rourkela, India); Sourav Kanti Addya (Department of CSE, VIT Amravati, India); Manmath Narayan Sahoo (Department of CSE, NIT Rourkela, India)[PDF]

14) "Tapping Wearable & Infrastructural Sensing to Improve Human Daily Lives"
Meeralakshmi Radhakrishnan (Singapore Management University)[PDF]

15) "SDN based Distributed Content Caching System in WLAN"
Lalhruaizela Chhangte (IITB-Monash Research Academy); Aditi Garg (IITB)[PDF]

16) "Towards Selecting the Right Social Media Platform Based on Journalistic Requirement"
Shalini Priya, Ryan Sequeira, Joydeep Chandra, and Sourav Kumar Dandapat (IIT PATNA)[PDF]

17) "Analysing and modelling editors’ behavior of different languages in Wikimedia projects"
Anita Chandra (IIT PATNA)[PDF]

18) "Author Name Disambiguation using Web information"
KM Pooja, Samrat, and Joydeep (IIT Patna)[PDF]

19) "Leveraging IoT Sensing to Improve Daily Living in Smart Homes"
Madhumita Mallick (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)[PDF]

20) "Towards Detecting and Reducing Unnecessary Active Scans in WLANs"
Dheryta Jaisinghani, Vinayak Nail, and Sanjit Kaul (IIIT-Delhi); Rajesh Balan (SMU, Singapore); Sumit Roy (University of Washington, Seattle)[PDF]

21) "An IoT based Deep Machine Learning System for Aedes Mosquitoes Identification"
Arya.S (M.Phil Student); Gayatri Menon B (Junior Research Fellow); Elizabeth Sherly (Professor)[PDF]

22) "An Efficient Traffic-aware Scaling Mechanism for Service Function Chains in NFV"
Venkatarmi Reddy Ch, Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma, and Antony Franklin A (Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India)[PDF]

23) "ProtibadiNext: A Low Cost Emergency Solution against the Perpetrators"
MD Tanvir Mushfique (North South University)[PDF]

24) "Communication Platform for Breast Cancer Patient and Doctor"
Anik Saha (North South University)[PDF]

25) "Parent Enabled Learning for Autism"
Anik Sinha (North South University)[PDF]

26) "Towards Building Deep Neural Network Models for Mobile Continuous Vision Sensing Applications"
HUYNH Nguyen Loc (Singapore Management University)[PDF]

27) "Engagement Sensing for Mobile Games"
HUYNH Nguyen Phan Sinh (Singapore Management University)[PDF]

28) "Toward Building Seat Occupancy Detection System"
Nguyen Huy Hoang HUY (Singapore Management University)[PDF]

29) "Computation Task Scheduling for Edge Computing System with SDN"
Atchyut Kumar Reddy A, Antony Franklin A, and Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma (IIT Hyderabad)[PDF]