COMSNETS 2019 will be held from 7 to 12 January 2019 at the Chancery Pavilion Hotel, Bangalore, India. Please be on the lookout for the new home page by the middle of February 2018. See you at COMSNETS 2019 !


Focused workshops will be held on emerging topics to allow for a lively exchange of ideas. International business and government leaders will be invited to share their perspectives, and will complement the technical program.

Workshop on Wild and Crazy Ideas on the interplay between IoT and Big Data

The inter-working of IoT and Big Data is set to transform and disrupt many areas of business and everyday life. WACI will bring together researchers and practitioners to present their latest achievements and innovations in the area of IoT and Big Data.

Social Networking Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to facilitate cross-disciplinary discussions of relevance to social networking, involving novel ideas and applications, andexperimental results. This workshop provides an opportunity to compare and contrast the ethological approach to social behaviour in human with web-based evidence of social interaction, perceptual learning, information granulation, the behaviour of humans and affinities between web-based social networks.

Workshop on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

This interdisciplinary workshop aims to bring together researchers from various disciplines, and will focus particularly on interdisciplinary approaches to solving urban transportation problems

Networked Healthcare Technology (NetHealth) Workshop

The NetHealth Workshop focuses to bring together leading clinicians, industry stalwarts, mobile health pioneers, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs to a common platform to network and together build a strong healthcare innovation engine, which will allow participants to better understand and work on healthcare technologies for India.