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Best Paper Award

Cooperative Game Theory based Network Partitioning for Controller Placement in SDN

Bala Prakasa Rao Killi, Akhil Reddy Ellore, S. V. Rao (IIT Guwahati, India)

Best Paper Award Honorable Mention

User Response Based Recommendations: A Local Angle Approach

Veeraruna Kavitha, Salman Anis Memon and Manjesh K Hanawal (IIT Bombay, India); Eitan Altman (INRIA, France); Devanand R (IIT Bombay, India)

Best Graduate Forum Presenter Award

Automated EBM-oriented Summarization of Active or Recruiting Clinical Trials

Soumyadeep Roy (IIT Kharagpur, India)

Best Graduate Forum Presenter Award

Understanding the Impact of Unnecessary Active Scans in WLANs

Dheryta Jaisinghani (IIIT Delhi, India)

Best Poster Paper Award

Improved Run Length Limited Codes for VLC Using Dimming Control Compensation Symbols

Uday Thummaluri and Abhinav Kumar and Lakshmi Prasad Natarajan (IIT Hyderabad, India)

Best Poster Paper Award

Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Full-Duplex CRN with Primary User Activity

Santoshkumar Sabat and Prabhat Kumar Sharma and Abhay Gandhi Paper (VNIT Nagpur, India)

Best Poster Paper Award

Caching Policies Under Content Freshness Constraints

Pawan Poojary and Sharayu Moharir and Krishna P Jagannathan (IIT Madras, India)

Best Live Demo Award

Xtended Reality Prototypes


The Impact Award

Affordable Innovation in Medtech - Showcase and Research Dissemination


The Impact Award Honorable Mention

Automated Breast Cancer Screening using Artificial Intelligence over Thermal Images

Niramai Health Analytix Pvt Ltd

Best Academic Demo Award

LTE Wi-Fi Radio Level Integration at RLC Layer : A Demo of LWIR

Thomas Valerrian Pasca Santhappan, Himank Gutpa, Sumanta Patro, Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma, and Antony Franklin (IIT Hyderabad, India)

The WACI Master Award 2018

Scalable Measurement of Air Pollution using COTS IoT Devices

Varun Jain (IIIT Delhi, India), Mansi Goel (IIIT Delhi, India), Mukulika Maity (IIIT Delhi, India), Vinayak Naik (IIIT Delhi, India), Ramachandran Ramjee (Microsoft Research, India)

Best Paper in ITS Workshop

Bus schedule for optimal bus bunching and waiting times

M Venkateswararao K (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India); Veeraruna Kavitha (IIT Bombay, India); Urtzi Ayesta (CNRS-IRIT and Ikerbasque-University of the Basque Country, Spain)

Best Paper Runner up in ITS Workshop

Next Generation Distributed and Networked Autonomous Vehicles: Review

Siby Plathottam and Prakash Ranganathan (University of North Dakota, USA)

Best Paper in Social Networking Workshop

Modeling Opinion Dynamics in a Social Network Using Markov Random Field

Kundan Kandhway (TCS Innovation Labs, Chennai, India)

Best Paper Runner up in Social Networking Workshop

Knowledge based Community Detection in Online Social Network

Paramita Dey (GCECT Kolkata, India), Agneet Chatterjee (Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India), and Sarbani Roy (Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India)

Best Paper in NetHealth Workshop

Leveraging Simulation for Usability Engineering of Medical Devices

Pradyumna M (B M S College of Engineering, India), Amrutha Raja (B M S College of Engineering, India), Meghana A (B M S College of Engineering, India)

Best Paper Runner up in NetHealth Workshop

Use of portable EEG sensors to Detect Meditation

Dilnashin Anwar (IIIT-Delhi, India), Prince Garg (IIIT-Delhi, India), Vinayak Naik (IIIT Delhi, India), Anubha Gupta (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi, India), Akshay Kumar (IIIT Delhi, India)

Audience Favorite Exhibit in NetHealth Workshop

BESS wireless EEG system


Audience Favorite Exhibit Runner up in NetHealth Workshop

Fetal Lite

Sattva Medtech