Workshop on BlockChain

Workshop Date: Monday, 7th January 2019

The Blockchain distributed ledger technology has attracted significant attention, with a plethora of platforms such as Ethereum, Ripple, Sawtooth Lake, Hyperledger Fabric, Stellar, Corda, Hashgraph etc. gaining wide adoption. The key novelty of Blockchain (and other distributed ledger technologies) is its ability to enable sharing of a common ledger amongst trustless (and anonymous in some cases) parties using distributed consensus protocols and cryptographic puzzles, and its support of a programmable smart contracts framework, allowing (trustless) users to script the appropriate updates to the underlying ledger depending on inputs, in a Byzantine fault tolerant manner. These very properties are most successfully leveraged by crypto currency platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. which use blockchain as their underlying ledger to maintain consensus on the ownership of their currencies.

Apart from being the underlying ledger for crypto currencies, Blockchain is also emerged as the platform of choice for creating innovative smart-contracts based distributed applications amongst trustless participants. The wildly successful series of Initial coin offerings (ICO) on Ethereum platform are a very good example of the same. Another application area of Blockchain which has gained significant attention in recent times is in creating trusted, indelible, transparent "transaction Internet" to be leveraged by businesses (finance, trade, logistics) to bring massive efficiencies in their operations. On the flip side, significant questions have been raised by various quarters on its scalability, finality of recorded transactions in presence of malicious entities and buggy smart-contracts to potential usage to commit financial crimes etc. which might deter mainstream adoption of Blockchain. The evident success of Blockchain technology as an enabler of crypto-currencies and the its even bigger potential (and attendant challenges of crime prevention) as the medium of bringing transparency and efficiency to a large body of present day problems has already prompted significant scrutiny from academic, multiple industries and governments of its applicability on the aspects of identifying newer use cases, ways to enhance its performance as well as alternative designs and implementations of blockchain.

In this workshop, we aim at learning more about the various facets of Blockchain. To this end, we are soliciting submissions describing original and novel early (or mature) work from academics, researchers and early adopters of the technology.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to)

  • Critical understanding of the theoretical foundations of blockchain

  • Real world experiences from deployments of blockchain

  • Innovative use cases which leverage blockchain

  • Alternative design/architectures for blockchain

  • Theoretical or experimental analysis of properties of present day blockchain platforms

  • Advancements to the underlying technologies such as consensus algorithms, new proof-of-work/stake etc.

  • Adding properties such as information privacy, prevention of fraud, crime etc.

Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases.

Submission Guidelines
  1. Submissions must be original work not under review at any other workshop, conference, or journal.

  2. Submissions must not exceed 6 pages (and not be less than 3 pages) in the IEEE conference proceedings format, including all figures, tables, and references.

  3. Reviews will be single-blind: authors name and affiliation should be included in the submission.

  4. Submissions must follow the formatting guidelines as given on IEEE Website.

  5. All workshop papers will appear in conference proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases.

  6. All papers must be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and submitted through the Blockchain Workshop submission site on EDAS.

  7. Authors are strongly encouraged to use the latest templates for typesetting as provided on the IEEE Website:

  8. Papers can be submitted through EDAS :

Keynote Speakers

Y. Narahari

Y. Narahari

IISc Bangalore, India

Shri. J. A. Chowdary

Shri. J. A. Chowdary

Spl. Secy. to C.M., Govt. of A.P., India

Invited Speakers

N. Viswanadham

N. Viswanadham

IISc Bangalore, India

Sreeram Kannan

Sreeram Kannan

University of Washington, USA

Workshop Schedule
Time Event
9:00AM-9:15AM Opening Remarks: Workshop Chairs
9:15AM-10:00AM Keynote 1: Title: Harnessing Game Theory for Building Robust Blockchain Based Platforms
Prof. Y. Narahari (Professor, IISc)
10:00AM-10:15AM Paper: Energy Trading Rank Algorithm for Truthful Auctions among EVs via Blockchain Analytics of Large Scale Transaction Graphs, Anurag Choubey, Sourajit Behera, Yashwant Singh Patel, Karanam Mahidhar, Rajiv Misra (Indian Institute of Technology Patna, India)
10:15AM-10:30AM Paper: Hybrid Decentralized Solution for Bitcoin Zero-confirmation Transactions, Prerna Arote, Joy Kuri (Indian Institute of Science, India)
10:30AM-11:00AM Tea break
11:00AM-11:45AM Keynote 2: Challenges & Opportunities in Digital India
J. A. Chowdary (Spl. Secy. to C.M., Govt. of A.P.)
11:45AM-12:30PM Invited Talk 1: Prof. N Viswanadham (Professor, IISc), Title: Transparent, Trade Efficient Supply Chain Network Design using Blockchain
12:30PM-12:45PM Paper: TCON - A lightweight Trust-dependent Consensus framework for blockchain, Anjana Prabhakar, Tricha Anjali (International Institute of Information Technology - Bangalore, India)
12:45PM-1:00PM Paper: Blockchain based En-Route Filtering of False Data in Wireless Sensor Networks, Alok Kumar, Alwyn Roshan Pais (NITK, Suratkal, Mangalore India, India)
1:00PM-2:00PM Lunch
2:00PM-2:45PM Invited Talk 2: Prof. Sreeram Kannan (Univ. of Washington), Title: Deconstructing the Blockchain to Approach Physical Limits
2:45PM-3:30PM Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric: Dr. Palanivel Kodeswaran (IBM Research)
3:30PM-4:00PM Tea break
4:00PM-4:45PM Introduction to Ethereum: Mayank Sengar, Consensys
4:45PM-5:00PM Paper: Decentralised Image Sharing and Copyright Protection using Blockchain and Perceptual Hashes, Rishabh Mehta (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India), Naman Kapoor (Delhi Technological University, India), Soumya Sourav (Delhi Technological University, India), Rajeev Shorey (TCS Innovation Lab, India)
5:00PM-5:15PM Paper: An Approach For An Distributed Anti-Malware System Based on BlockChain Technology, Suranjan Talukder (Green University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh), Shanto Roy (Green University of Bangladesh & Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Bangladesh), Tamim Al Mahmud (Green University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh)a)

TPC Members
  1. Umesh Bellur, IIT Bombay, India
  2. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, IBM Research, India
  3. Sushmita Ruj, ISI Kolkata, India
  4. Rishi Saket, IBM Research, India
  5. Subodh Sharma, IIT Delhi, India
  6. Shruti Tople, NUS, Singapore
  7. Saravanan Vijaykumaran, IIT Bombay, India

Important dates
Paper Submission 12th November 2018
Notification of Acceptance 7th December 2018
Camera-ready Submission 14th December 2018
Workshop Date 7th January 2019

All deadlines are with respect to the AoE (Anywhere on Earth) time zone.

Blockchain Workshop Co-Chairs
Sayandeep Sen

Sayandeep Sen

IBM Research, India

Vinay Ribeiro

Vinay Ribeiro

IIT Delhi, India