Accepted Papers at NetHealth Workshop

Please note:

  1. The paper authors must register by the camera ready deadline, and at least one author per accepted paper must register at the full rate (even if that author is a student).
  2. Every paper (including poster papers and workshop papers) must have a FULL registration (not a student registration).
  • A Multi-Signal Acquisition System for Preventive Cardiology with Cuff-less BP Measurement Capability
    Monika Jain, Niranjan Kumar, Sujay Deb (IIIT-Delhi)

  • Efficient ECG Data Compression and Transmission Algorithm for Telemedicine
    Chandan Kumar Jha, Mahesh Kolekar (IIT Patna)

  • Streamlining Medical Image Transfer
    I Prabhu, Meenatchi Aparna (Siemens Bangalore)

  • PeopleSave: Recommending Effective Drugs Through Web Crowdsourcing
    Rahul Majethia (Shiv Nadar University); Varun Mishra (Dartmouth College); Akshit Singhal (University of Texas at Arlington); Lakshmi Manasa Kalanadhabhatta, Kunchay Sahiti, Vijay Nandwani (Shiv Nadar University)

  • Formation of Virtual Groups in WBAN for Health Care Monitoring
    Vandana Jayaraj, Hemanth C (VIT University, Chennai)

  • A Biodesign based study on Chronic Tinnitus and Evaluation of Adaptive Noise Cancellation Technology in its Management
    Madhuri KR (BMS College of Engineering); Shreya Sridhar (Innaccel); Appaji M Abhishek (Maastricht University); Jagdish Chaturvedi, Vijayarajan A (Innacel); Shreyas Shah (BMS College of Engineering)

  • The Importance of Including Carcinogenic Benzene in Real-Time Ambient Air Quality Data in Delhi
    Arushi Baboota, Nancy Agrawal (IIIT-Delhi)

  • Intravenous Drip Meter & Controller - Need Analysis and Conceptual Design
    Raghavendra B (BMS College of Engineering); Vijayalakshmi K (Vinayaka Missions University); Manish Arora (Indian Institute of Science)

  • A Method To Control Bionic Arm Using Galvanic Skin Response
    Nitesh Jangir, A Sarvanan, Srushti Chakki (Coeo Labs)

  • MYO Armband for Physiotherapy Healthcare: A Case Study Using Gesture Recognition Application
    Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan (University of Brighton); Sharanya Rajan (MVJ Medical College and Research)