Local and International Travel Grants

For those who are awarded travel grants, it is mandatory to attend the whole conference. Travel grant awardees will be required to scribe for designated sessions and travel grant will be issued on account of attendance and submission of scribes.

All the participants/presenters have to apply explicitly to avail the travel grants.

Important note:

  1. Registration fees are not covered in the travel grant.
  2. Local travel (within Bangalore) is covered only if public transport is availed.
  3. Transportation from source city to Bangalore is covered irrespective of the mode (road/rail/air) of the transport.
  4. Travel grant would be strictly released against the original receipts/tickets.

Accepted Travel Grant requests have been announced here.

The COMSNETS 2016 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce a significant number of travel grants to facilitate local and international travels of the participants.

  • The local travel grants will be offered to graduate students and faculty members from India who have accepted papers/posters in the conference. The participants to the Graduate Student forum are also eligible to apply for local travel grants.
  • A limited number of International travel grants will be available to International student applicants who have an accepted paper in the conference. A limited number of International travel grants may also be available to overseas participants to the Graduate Student Forum.
  • Authors of the best paper will get grants to attend the SIGCOMM main conference (or other SIGCOMM-sponsored conference of their choice). The grant covers travel, lodging, and registration.

COMSNETS 2016 will provide partial travel support. Travel grants will be in the form of reimbursement that will be provided towards the end of the conference, upon submitting original receipts and filling in the appropriate forms. The actual amount to be awarded will be determined based on conference funding and will be announced by the deadline for travel grant notifications and also indicated in the award notification.

Depending on the conference funding, the local travel grant may also be available to participants who are not authoring any paper in the conference.

It is required for all travel-grant awardees to be present during all the days of the conference and attend all sessions. The awardees may also be assigned to transcribe some of the sessions, whereas summaries generated will be posted on the conference web site, along with the names of the authors.

If you are keen to meet and interact with the global experts in the area, we strongly encourage you to apply for COMSNETS 2016 travel grants!

COMSNETS - SIGCOMM International Travel Grants

Students studying at a non-Indian institution are invited to apply for a travel grant made possible by ACM SIGCOMM. Up to four such awards will be made by a committee comprising the General Co-Chairs, the TPC Co-Chairs and the Travel Grant Co-Chairs. Student paper awardees are required to attend all 5 days of the COMSNETS conference.

SIGCOMM GeoDiversity Travel Grants

The grant sponsors one author from the two best locally-authored papers of the regional conferences supported by SIGCOMM (i.e., COMSNETS, AINTEC, and LANC) to attend the SIGCOMM main conference (or other SIGCOMM-sponsored conference of their choice). The grant covers travel, lodging, and registration.

Who is Entitled?

ONE author from each of TWO of the best papers of each of the specified regional conferences with the following conditions:

  • The author should be in their early career: preferably graduate student or post-doc but also faculty at most five years of full-time, full-level [non-postdoc] post-PhD employment
  • The selected author must be affiliated with an institution in the specified geography

What is Covered?

Support is intended to fully cover travel (economy airfare), registration for the conference, lodging at the conference hotel (during the conference), meals, and local transportation. The specific costs will vary for each applicant,. Reimbursement details will be announced to award recipients.

Who Decides?

Best paper decisions are made by each regional conference and communicated to the SIGCOMM Executive Committee by the General or PC chairs.

Important Dates

Deadline for application December 2, 2015
Notification date December 4, 2015

Accepted Travel Grant Requests

Accepted Travel Grant requests have been announced here.


For any queries, please contact the Travel Grants Chair as mentioned below.