Accepted proposals for the Graduate Student Forum

  • "Multi-channel Allocation to Networks in TV White Spaces"
    Akanksha Patel, IIT Bombay

  • "Resource Management for Device-to-Device Multicast in LTE-A Network"
    Ajay Bhardwaj, IIT Mandi

  • "Pervasive Physical Analytics using Multi-Modal Sensing"
    Sougata Sen, SMU Singapore

  • "Link Dynamics in Scientific Collaboration Networks"
    Roshni Chakraborty, IIT Patna

  • "If-What Analysis to Manage Batch Systems"
    Sainath Batthala, IIT Indore

  • "Towards Next-Generation Alert Management of Data Centers"
    Praveen Venkateswaran, BITS Pilani Hyderabad

  • "Estimating the Degree Centrality Ranking"
    Akrati Saxena, IIT Ropar

  • "Health Diagnosis of WiFi Networks"
    Mukulika Maity, IIT Bombay