IoELab: A Hands-on Workshop on IoE

Workshop Date: January 9, 2016

Venue: Indian Affair, The Chancery Pavilion Hotel, Bangalore

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About the workshop

IoE (Internet of Everything) has the potential to solve many important problems that could touch a significant percentage of the population. However, building such solutions is challenging since that requires knowledge in a number of engineering disciplines such as digital electronics, wireless networking, embedded systems, data acquisition and data analytics.

To alleviate this learning experience, we are organizing a one-day hands-on workshop for graduate or undergraduate students to work on real applications that will provide them a framework necessary to envision and build IoE systems. The focus will be on enabling students to develop a broad understanding of the aforementioned IoE technologies and their interactions rather than narrowly focusing on any one particular aspect.

This course is based on two main platforms –

  1. Nebula - a low-cost plug-and-play wireless hardware platform for sensors and actuators (developed by RadioStudio). This platform is developed from scratch in India with a particular focus on IoT applications and offers rich features such as hardware UID, RTC, WiFi, power isolation, etc.

  2. DataGlen - a highly scalable and reliable data collection and analytics platform (developed by DataGlen Inc.). Since this platform was developed with an emphasis on timeseries data, it serves as a convenient tool for uploading and processing massive amounts of IoT data and configuration and actuation of IoT devices.

Note: The workshop would be FREE of cost for the selected students. There would be NO travel grant available for attending this workshop. The attending students would receive a certificate, a Nebula board and one million data transactions free for an year on DataGlen platform after successfully completing the workshop.

Who Can Apply

The IoE Handson workshop is open to ME/MTech/MS students or students in their third or final year of BE/BS/B.Tech programs in CS/ IT/ EN/ EE/ ENTC or any relevant stream. Registrations for the workshop are now open.

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Important Dates

Application Submission: December 7, 2015

Decision Notification: December 15, 2015


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