11th International Conference on COMmunication Systems & NETworkS

January 7 - 11 | Bengaluru, India

In-Cooperation With


MeitY Digital India ITRA

Workshop on Machine Intelligence in Networked Data and Systems (MINDS)

The inter-working of machine learning and networking is set to transform and disrupt many areas of business and everyday human life. MINDS (Machine Intelligence in Networked Data and Systems) aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to understand and explain this inter-working. MINDS will discuss and present latest achievements and innovations at the cross-section of machine learning, systems, and networking.

MINDS welcomes original research submissions that define challenges, report experiences, or discuss progress toward design and solutions that integrate machine learning, deep learning, mobile systems, and networked systems in various application areas. These application areas include but are not limited to healthcare, environment, retail, transportation, life sciences etc. Contributions describing techniques applied to real-world problems and interdisciplinary research involving novel networking architectures, system designs, IoT systems, big data systems with machine learning as the core component are especially encouraged.

The topics of interest include but are not limited to

Workshop Co-Chairs

Vijay Gabale

Vijay Gabale

Huew, India

Vinay Kolar

Vinay Kolar